Ethan Sanchez got connected to HSTF way back in 2005 through HSTF’s summer camp, along with his twin brother Elan. They stayed in touch and joined JEA’s Afro-Latin dance team, Ritmo en Acción (REA), in high school. Ethan recalls that through performing and teaching workshops, he gained confidence and the ability to speak in front of crowds.

During his senior year, Ethan worked with staff and his mentor to submit college applications and sort through his financial aid before finally deciding on Bridgewater State University with a major in biology. His brother Elan also worked with his HSTF mentor and initially enrolled at another school but eventually transferred. They anticipate graduating from Bridgewater State together in May of 2020.

Over the years, Ethan says that HSTF has been a major source of support. “Throughout high school, I had a place that I could call home, where I could be myself and grow.” Ethan and Elan are now in the thick of their senior year and HSTF College Success staff are always there to provide support.

“Elan and I are the first in our family to go to college and Joel is always there to provide that extra advice, remind us to renew our FAFSA, offer help with filling out forms, and answer any questions we have.”

After graduation, Ethan plans to enroll in a Nurse Practitioners program and eventually wants to work at Boston Children’s Hospital. After one high school internship at Boston Children’s that he got through HSTF and two more that he’s done while in college, he has fallen in love with the hospital environment and hopes to focus his career on Pediatrics.

We have been so fortunate to watch Ethan and Elan grow up for the last 14 years and can’t wait to cheer on all of their future successes.