Our Model

What We Do

Hyde Square Task Force was founded by a group of committed local residents and youth because we have always believed that solutions lie with those most affected by the challenges at hand. Today, more than 20 years after the organization was founded, we continue to dedicate resources to address the complex and urgent needs of our community and our city. We believe that in order to transform youth, we must also transform community, and vice versa.

Youth Community Development Programs (YCD)/Jovenes en Acción (JEA)

The Youth Community Development model is at the core of our organization. YCD targets underprivileged Boston Public High School students, many of whom are academically disengaged and in need of positive support and re-enforcement. HSTF teens reflect the population of Hyde/Jackson Square, which is predominantly low-income Latino and African-American. Many of our youth enter our programs with a C average or below in school, and either they or their families immigrated here from the Caribbean or Africa.
One hundred and twenty teens participate in our Youth Community Development programs each year. We provide project-based learning, training, and support focused on basic job and life skills, and we make a long-term commitment to youth. Through arts, education, and civic engagement, youth build confidence, meet high expectations, overcome challenges, work as a team, and tackle some of the toughest issues in their communities.
All aspects of our Youth Community Development programs engage youth in activities that bring their work as artists out into the community. This work gives youth an opportunity to learn valuable new skills and personally evaluate community needs, igniting in them a passion for helping others and building community.

Advocacy and Action

We believe that needs-based programs alone will not improve the community nor future outcomes for young people. Therefore, we also ask youth to engage in civic and community-building initiatives, utilizing advocacy and action to bring forth systemic solutions to strengthen our community over time. During advocacy and action efforts, youth and HSTF alumni are at the center—leading the way—while mobilizing and inspiring others to join them in creating community-wide solutions.