Our Creative Development and Community Engagement programs focus on creative place-making and place-keeping, advocacy and organizing, development of Boston’s Latin Quarter as a cultural district, and community-based Afro-Latin arts enrichment.

Cultural Events and Activities

Our year-round series of cultural events and activities create opportunities for residents and those throughout Greater Boston to experience Afro-Latin arts and culture. The series includes live music, youth performances, a Halloween Festival in partnership with several other organizations and businesses in the Latin Quarter, and a Three Kings Day Celebration. Due to COVID-19 we are not currently hosting in-person events, but you can still celebrate with us! Click here to check out the full list of virtual events and activities that we have planned from September 15 – October 15. You can also check out our event calendar for the latest events!

Click the following links to check out some activities for Three Kings Day!

To listen to a reading from Sujei Lugo of Un coquí de Boriquén con los Reyes a Belén by Lara Mercado and Armando Valdés and illustrated by Nívea Ortiz, CLICK HERE.

To learn how to make your own crown, create your own versions of the Three Kings (or queens), and make music with homemade shakers, CLICK HERE.

To check out just a few of our favorite videos of people all over the world sharing music and celebrations in years past, click the links below.

Parranda at a Department Store in Kissimmee, Florida (2017)

Parranda Through the Streets of The Bronx, New York (2017)

Alegre Vengo de la Montaña by 36 Cuerdas y un Güiro (2012)

Boston's Latin Quarter

In May of 2018, after years of advocacy by HSTF youth, staff, residents, business owners, and other community members, our neighborhood became an official Cultural District, Boston’s Latin Quarter. The designation aims to preserve and uplift the decades of rich history and contributions of Latinx immigrants who have made our neighborhood what it is today. Check out our Boston’s Latin Quarter page for more info!

Community Afro-Latin Arts Education

Our Music Clubhouse provides children and youth ages 8-14 with access to low-cost music lessons. Participants can sign up for weekly lessons in voice, piano, guitar/bass, or drums. Lessons take place on Saturdays and are offered in Fall and Spring sessions. There is a $25 non-refundable enrollment fee per child for each session (fall or spring). 

Our Learn Through Dance Program injects the vibrancy of Afro-Latin dance into schools during the school day, with a particular focus on schools in Boston’s Latin Quarter. 

Teatro en Acción (Theatre in Action) introduces Boston Public School students to Afro-Latin theatre styles, contemporary playwrights/artists, and methods of creation to better understand different styles and their cultural contexts. Ultimately, students learn how theatre utilizes the power of their voices through storytelling.

All of our work is grounded in a sense of place, aiming to ensure that Boston’s Latin Quarter continues to grow as a diverse, vibrant neighborhood, a hub of Afro-Latin arts, and a home for Greater Boston’s Latinx community. HSTF youth contribute to and also learn from connecting and working in partnership with neighbors in the Latin Quarter through Afro-Latin arts and advocacy.