JEA youth participate in regular civic engagement training on topics such as community organizing 101 and the basics of city government. A small group of these youth also take on leadership roles in community organizing campaigns that impact our neighborhood and our city.


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    Through their research, HSTF youth organizers have found that access to the arts is clearly a racial equity issue. Research from EdVestors indicates that only 63% of high school students received any form of arts education in 2018, and only 62% of high school graduates met the MassCore recommended arts graduation guidelines. As participants in HSTF’s Afro-Latin arts training, youth organizers have first-hand experience with the transformative power of the arts. The positive impact that the arts have had upon their lives led organizers to passionately voice their support for increased arts education opportunities in BPS during last year’s budget hearings. In 2019, youth continued this organizing work and formally established the #BosTeenArts campaign.

    The diligent work of HSTF’s youth organizers helped to grow the #BosTeenArts coalition to include 17 amazing partners; last year, the #BosTeenArts campaign led by HSTF was the sole voice that advocated for arts education during the BPS budget hearings. HSTF youth organizers gave powerful testimony at one of these hearings, and their remarks can be seen starting at minute 35 here:

    HSTF youth organizers and other coalition members have worked with BPS leaders since then to elevate the arts, and their efforts have paid off. Their voices were heard, as the new draft BPS Strategic Plan for 2020-2025 clearly prioritizes the arts. The new list of commitments and priorities includes “cultural heritage programs” and “rigorous culturally and linguistically affirming curriculum and instruction that includes learning opportunities in the arts…” The plan also mentions that schools should include “core elements that meet the needs of the whole child, including…. arts programming…” Youth and staff continue to monitor and provide insight as this plan moves into implementation.

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