Welcome to Enrollment!

Congratulations! Welcome to the beginning of your Hyde Square Task Force journey!

Follow along on this page to begin the enrollment process for Hyde Square Task Force. This webpage will be the place where you submit all of the requested enrollment documents.

Ready to begin?

1. Enrollment Forms

Before you start with the first set of enrollment forms, make sure you have a parent or guardian with you to help fill out some of this information!*

Click here for the enrollment form.

*If you would like to do the rest of this process in person please, CLICK HERE to set up an appointment at HSTF (located here in Jamaica Plain). Scroll on if you would like to virtually submit your paperwork.

2. Community Development Block Grants Verification Forms

Please fill out this form. It will ask you to upload to verification documents. You can take a picture of one document from each list below. 

Income Verification:

Mass Health Insurance Card

Paycheck/ W2

Public Housing



Food stamp/Snap

Refugee Assistance

BPS School Data

Child Support


Section 8

Unemployment Insurance

Pension Statement

Proof of Residency:

BPS School Report Card 

License or other ID

Utility Bill in your or your Parent’s name (Gas, Electric, Cable, Phone, etc.)

Congratulations! You made it to the end!

(What to put here?)