Here at Hyde Square Task Force, we value the following:

Respect & Inclusivity: Even though we focus on and celebrate Latinx culture, we include and welcome everyone no matter their background or identity. We value the voices of youth, their power and creativity.

Curiosity & Creativity: We are curious about our world, asking as many questions as we give answers. We use our creative minds as tools, valuing artistic expression, and its beauty and diversity.

Awareness & Action: We fight inequity, injustice, and privilege. We educate ourselves and work to empower everyone to advocate for a more just and equitable community, city, and world.

Community & Compassion: We are a family, providing the love and support necessary to feel safe, grow, and be healthy. We build the mutual trust and understanding that strong relationships, teams, and communities require.

Honesty & Integrity: We communicate openly and honestly, and make decisions collaboratively. We admit when we are wrong, and are willing to learn from it.

Excellence & Accountability: We challenge ourselves with high expectations, and are responsible to each other and to our community. We set clear goals and regularly measure our success.