Our College Success Program supports students as they transition into college or another post-high school training program, stay enrolled, and ultimately earn a degree or certificate.

HSTF College Success coaches facilitate workshops for rising first-year students to prepare these primarily first generation college going students for the opportunities and challenges of starting college. During these workshops, coaches cover topics like understanding debt and credit and balancing school with work and other responsibilities.

Throughout the year, students and coaches also meet for one-on-one coaching sessions, both during on-campus office hours at colleges where students attend and at HSTF. Students often ask their coach for help with understanding their financial aid, choosing courses, and balancing school with work and other responsibilities. Coaching lasts as long as it takes for students to earn a degree or certificate, whether that means 2 years or 6 years.

The combination of relevant workshops, individualized coaching, and long-term support makes our College Success Program unique. Each year, approximately a third of rising college freshmen have been part of our JEA program. This means that those students could receive 8 or more years of ongoing, consistent support from HSTF.

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Graduating Seniors Enrolled in College
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Live numbers reflect FY20.