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The Statistics are Staggering–Support Mentoring Today

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IMG_1711Jonathan Vo, ¡ACT! member and spoken-word poet, talks about his mentor, Gerry.
Why does mentoring matter? Gerry and I have been working together for three years now, since I was a freshman. He wouldn’t let me get away with being quiet. He challenges me to do better, and we talk about the future. I’ve opened myself up to new things because of him.
Our relationship? I feel close to him—-like he’s an older brother. A mentor is a guide—-a friend with a bond. And I think Gerry has learned from me, too. He says he wasn’t as determined as I am when he was young.
The number one thing he’s taught me? Enjoy every opportunity. Say yes to everything that’s presented to me. So far, so good!
Support mentoring at Hyde Square Task Force! Your donation makes a difference in the lives of young people like Jonathan, who is currently working on SAT prep and college exploration with Gerry Claude, 27, a UMass Boston grad with a master’s from Suffolk. The statistics about how mentoring positively impacts the lives of young people are staggering. Be a part of ensuring that teenagers like Jonathan are nurtured and supported.

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