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Victor Del Carmen, HSTF youth leader (second from right), leading the
Latin American Spectacle parade down Centre Street. 
“HSTF is a safe environment where I and other youth can express ourselves through the art we choose to pursue. It’s also a place that advocates for youth and their needs.”       
                           – Victor Del Carmen, HSTF youth leader

Hyde Square Task Force is a recognized leader in arts, youth development, education, and community organizing. In the 2015-2016 fiscal year, we:

  • Reached more than 1,469 children and community members through our programs.
  • Congratulated 100% of our graduating high-school seniors on enrolling in college and 100% of our teen youth leaders on being promoted to the next grade.
  • Supported Boston youth through 1,200 hours of college and career preparation.
  • Offered 1,900+ hours of arts programming at our Youth Community Development Center. 
  • Showcased our youth’s music, dance, and theater abilities at 57 artistic performances in Boston and beyond.
HSTF is a creative outlet and home for many youth in our city. Your support is vital to their success. Please donate today!

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