Welcome to Summer Enrollment!

Welcome back!

Follow along on this page to begin the enrollment process for summer at Hyde Square Task Force. This webpage has all the instructions and links for your summer paperwork.

Ready to begin?

1. Rising 11th and 12th graders only - Community Development Block Grant Form

Please fill out this form and upload a picture of your verification documents, one from each list below.

Income Verification:

Mass Health Insurance Card

Paycheck/ W2

Public Housing



Food stamp/Snap

Refugee Assistance

BPS School Data

Child Support


Section 8

Unemployment Insurance

Pension Statement

Proof of Residency:

BPS School Report Card 

License or other Massachusetts ID

Utility Bill in your or your Parent’s name (Gas, Electric, Cable, Phone, etc.)

If you would like to do the rest of this process in person please CLICK HERE to set up an appointment at HSTF (located here in Jamaica Plain). Please inform your HSTF staff contact if you are doing it in-person or virtually. We are also offering Zoom Support Sessions if you want some extra assistance through the online process. If none of these times work for you ask your HSTF staff contact we might be able to add some. Click Here to sign up for one of those sessions.

If you choose to submit virtually, they will be sending you an email or a link to an online folder called ShareFiles where you will upload all your signed and completed payroll documents. Scroll on for the virtual process. We will also hold virtual Zoom sessions in English and in Spanish to help you complete these documents.

If you do not turn 14 by June 1st, please contact your HSTF staff person about the rest of your payroll paperwork!

2. Work Permit Process

Here is a Sample Work Permit Application. The areas highlighted in green, in the sample, are the fields that you need to fill out yourself.

Click the following link to access the Work Permit Application: Work Permit Application

    • Fill your name in at the top where it says “Youth Name.”
    • If you are 14 or 15 you will need to get your doctor’s signature on the 2nd page. 
        • Every doctor is different; call your doctor to find out their process. Ask if you can send the work permit application via email: you still might have to go in for an appointment.
    • Your parents/guardians and you will need to sign the document together. Make sure to double check that the right signatures are in the right spaces.
    • Once everything is signed, hit the blue submit button. Then click the blue download button and choose the COMPLETED PDF option. 
    • It will download a copy with your signatures to send to BPS to get your work permit. 
        • Or if you are 14 or 15 send it to your doctor for signature first, then submit it to BPS.

Instructions for Submitting Work Permit Application to BPS or Your School: Once all signatures are collected youth can either check with your school about their permit application process OR do the virtual BPS option. Here are the directions for the virtual BPS option.

    • Virtual BPS option: Fill this google form with BPS and they will walk you through the rest of the process to get your work permit. They will most likely communicate via email so be sure to check it regularly.  You will receive other google forms from BPS to complete your work permit application.
    • On one of the google forms, they will ask you for the following questions, the answers are bolded. 
        • Specific Nature of Employment – Youth Leader
        • Employer’s Name –  Hyde Square Task Force
        • Employer’s Address – 30 Sunnyside St. Jamaica Plain, MA 02130
        • Have your proof of age ready – birth certificate, Mass ID, Passport

Sending your Work Permit to HSTF:

3. Payroll Paperwork

Payroll Paperwork – below are links to two required forms (W-4 & I-9) and one optional (Direct Deposit) form. Below we have samples of these documents so you know where to sign. (Samples Folder, the areas highlighted in green in the sample are the fields that you need to fill out yourself.)

Important Instructions to Fill Out the Forms: Make sure to follow these steps so you don’t have to do it twice!

    • Follow the instructions and fill the forms out fully.
    • Hit the blue “Submit” button. It should be at the bottom. 
    • Click the blue Download button at the top and then click the COMPLETED PDF option. You should receive the downloaded PDF.
    • Upload each PDF to the ShareFiles folder.

Here are the links to the two required forms. Youth, you should fill these out with your information, and then sign and date them.

W-4 Link

I-9 Link

I-9 Tips and Tricks: 

    • If you have an APT. number add it to the section after your address or you will not receive your checks in the mail. 
    • For your Social Security Number put spaces in between the numbers so it lines up with the lines.
    • There is more to do on the third page so scroll down.  Read the instructions carefully and upload images of the documents they ask for.

Either JUST ONE from List A (if you have it) OR ONE from List B AND List C.

Direct Deposit (Optional): If you want your checks directly deposited into a bank account fill out this form with youth information, sign, and date. 

    • If the youth does not have a bank account yet, a parent or guardian can have their child’s check go into the parent or guardian’s accounts. 
    • To do this, the parent/guardian should add their bank information into the Direct Deposit section.
    • Please add a note in the additional text field in the empty space of the form stating that: I, (child’s name), allow my checks to be deposited into my parent/guardian’s (their name) bank account. Youth should then sign.

4. Chromebook Request Form

Please fill out this form if you need a Chromebook to access our summer programming. 

We can provide you with a Chromebook to use for HSTF summer programming. Chromebooks will be distributed on a first come, first serve basis due to limited supply.

Congratulations! You made it to the end!

Your paperwork process is complete when your HSTF staff contact confirms that they have received all your documents. We are excited that you will be continuing your HSTF journey with us this summer.

See you soon!