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We’re almost there—can you help us raise the last $50,000?

Hyde Square Task Force has been an anchor institution in Boston’s Latin Quarter for two decades. Upwards of 1,200 young people benefit from our programs and resources each year. We help youth find their voice and learn to harness their power.

Since 2007, Hyde Square Task Force (HSTF) teens have been creating and learning in the Youth Community Development Center (YCDC). A former Catholic elementary school, the building is more than 110 years old. We needed to raise $2,500,000 in order to modernize the YCDC’s systems and create an even more supportive and inspiring home for youth. 

After seven months operating in borrowed spaces and packed into our storefront office at 375 Centre Street, we are thrilled to report that we moved into the renovated YCDC in early January 2017. HSTF youth now have a facility that is safe and outfitted to support their success. The 200-plus children, teens, and young adults who come through the doors weekly are welcomed to a state-of-the-art building. All HSTF staff now work under one roof, and we’ve cut costs by letting our lease on the office at 375 Centre Street go.

Specifically, we have:

      • Upgraded the building to meet accessibility/ADA standards;
      • Added an elevator and modern bathrooms;
      • Installed a sprinkler system for fire safety;
      • Repaired windows, ceilings, and lighting;
      • Upgraded the security-monitoring system;
      • Added a reception area and kitchen;
      • Updated heating and ventilation;
      • Improved sound isolation and acoustics;
      • Enlarged our dance studios to accommodate our growing program;
      • Added two music studios for individual lessons and rehearsals;
      • Overhauled the electrical system;
      • Improved wireless access for uninterrupted technology; and
      • Upgraded community space for cultural and civic activities. 

But this is where you come in. We need $50,000 more to finish out our capital campaign to ensure costs are covered. Your investment right now is crucial. Can you help us cross the finish line?

To see where we’ve been, download the full Capital Campaign Case Statement below:



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