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A Message from Selomith

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Dear Friend,

Since I was five, I’ve watched my grandmother send everything she could to the Dominican Republic from Boston—clothes, food, and school supplies. I’m fortunate that my family came to the US where I’ve gotten an education, pursued my dreams, and participated in Hyde Square Task Force’s music and college success programs (for four years now!).

I’ve gained a lot of confidence at Hyde Square Task Force. So when it came time for my senior project at Boston Arts Academy, I tapped into my passion for music. I used it as a vehicle to produce a Latin-music concert to raise money to send school supplies to my native Dominican Republic. The aim was to help children who really need it in a fun way that would bring together Boston’s Dominican community and all of Jamaica Plain.

I planned carefully—something else I learned at HSTF. I asked sponsors to donate raffle prizes and worked with local artists. This project taught me about advocating, planning, budgeting, and being a thoughtful communicator. It was a lot to keep track of!

Forty-three kids in the DR each got a book bag filled with donated supplies. Not only was I able to provide a cultural event in Boston’s Latin Quarter, but now children across the ocean have some of what they need. Hyde Square Task Force helps youth like me put our skills to use to benefit the community-in Boston and beyond.

Every donation to HSTF goes directly to ensuring that youth are challenged, supported, and encouraged to make a difference. When you invest in youth, you create ripple effects that have broad and lasting impact. Please donate to Hyde Square Task Force today.


Selomith Sanchez
HSTF Youth, Boston Arts Academy Class of 2017

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