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May 1—Join us to support immigrants in Boston!

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Dear Friends of HSTF,

On May 1, 2017, Hyde Square Task Force offices will be closed for normal business to support local pro-immigrant groups that are planning various May Day actions.

As a daughter of immigrants from El Salvador and a onetime undocumented immigrant, today’s current anti-immigrant climate is demoralizing, to put it mildly. Our families and children are living in fear of being torn apart, cities choosing to stand up for immigrants are under attack, individuals are being singled out on the basis of their religion, all while many people are shadowing the critical contributions immigrants have made and continue to make to this country.

I am proud to represent Hyde Square Task Force at this critical moment. Our commitment to people from all corners of the world is stronger today than it has ever been. We stand up for our immediate Latino immigrant community and others, not only in Boston’s Latin Quarter, but in the entire City of Boston and beyond. On May 1st we join our brothers and sisters in solidarity, fighting for just and equitable treatment of ALL immigrants.

We invite you to come to our Youth Community Development Center (located behind the Blessed Sacrament Church at 361 Centre Street in JP) on the morning of May 1st. From 9-11AM we will have coffee and bagels and will engage in reflection about immigration issues locally and nationally. Together we will head out at 11AM to other city-wide events taking place across Greater Boston.




Celina Miranda
Executive Director

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