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Globe Readers And Non-profits Together

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Good news! The Boston Globe recently announced that they’ve reinstated one of their community programs. Called GRANT (Globe Readers and Non-profits Together), the program invites Globe subscribers to help nonprofits earn free advertisements in the paper.

You may receive an email about the initiative. If so, just click on the link. If you’re a subscriber but haven’t gotten an email, you can click here. You’ll need your subscriber number, which is on your home delivery invoice (or get it by calling 1-888-MY-GLOBE (694-5623)).

We’d love for you to choose us as your designee. If you do, you should type in our name like this: HYDE SQUARE TASK FORCE, INC. (No need to click the link to view the whole list of organizations unless you want to. We’re number 636.) The last field can be left blank since we’re on the Globe’s list.

The more dollars we earn through this program, the larger the ad space we’ll get! Thanks for helping us out!

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